Gina Baker

NW201:6 “I just can’t contain myself”
Deck ( hide cooked for 45mins)-OMG…the cat! LOL! I never saw her come out and go across in front of us! She is a cat…and she always walks with us, so didn’t even give it a thought – and neither did Kalli. She must of thought we were going for another walk
I held back just a little when she pawed on the side – I want her to get a little bit closer to the source itself. Right or wrong, she did go to the front, but I do not realize that it could have backfired on me. Then of course I forgot to reward before I opened the drawer.

Kitchen (hide cooked for 1 ½ hrs) – When she was out of view of the camera, she was checking out the cupboards and took a good sniff of dinner on the stove but she did return to the task at hand. Sorry, I took up the camera view and it was a little awkward opening the island door, but Kalli was forgiving and stayed for her reward.

Basement (hide cooked for just under 2 hrs.) – Again, I did push the envelope a little – we will be attempting our first NW2 trial this weekend and I wanted to practice a “distractor” so I added a very low value to this search. I added several boxes with the low value “distractor” in the box that she paid attention to at 2:01 – she went on.
Each search was a small area so that give me the opportunity to pretty much stay in one spot and give the reins to Kalli – she looked much more relaxed and her her tail wagged.