Jill Kovacevich

Response to Above: Digger understands that the NW pendulum is now swinging in my direction
to build handler skills. Thankfully he is fairly consistent even when I
feel we havent “performed” well. (Ugh there is that word- always a time
for learning). I am very interested in your comments and observations
even without a “problem” to identify especially as we move forward to
the next phase of Elite Trials in a year or so.
I have been working to observe how “Digger” works and not second guess
how I think odor should be traveling. I am finding he works odor up from
low hides and then down and works higher hides low and then up. Very
interesting. In the past if his head casted high, I “assumed” there was
a high hide, if it went low, I assumed it was a low hide. I now know its
“how” he is working it and not whether his head alone goes high or low.

Here is our Mixed Bag run- thanks !