Patti Campbell

I am sure there were lots of pee smells in the area, and he doesn’t necessarily have a tendency to avoid that. I think it’s more that he doesn’t like to get his feet in wet (cold or damp) grass. 😉

I feel so bad that I missed so many places where I could have rewarded him. I especially thought I missed an opportunity at 1:38, but you noted 3 others even before then. At 1:16 the paw on wire– he has done that before in searches and I think he does that when he knows odor is around but not sure how to find it. I haven’t rewarded those because I don’t want to encourage giving up the search and to not keep trying. But from what I understand you’re saying…if I reward that (and the other places mentioned) and then move to reward him at source that will actually help his learning how to follow the odor to source and encourage him to work it all the way to source (or as close as he can get)? We are both learning, obviously I don’t want to lose motivation with him. I think one of the difficulties he has at this stage is catching an odor somewhere (like maybe down on that wire) and then being able to track back to where it’s coming from.

So, should I try this same one, a different exterior high hide for Topper, or go on to the interior high hide?

Thank you so much for your comments.