Patti Campbell

    Hi Kim,

    I did have some time this morning, but since I won’t get back to this until probably Saturday at the earliest I did the outside inaccessible hide twice.

    This first one was at about 9:00 this morning at the agility field after I practiced with the puppy. This “cooked” an hour. The hide was on a utility pole about 6 feet up (higher than we did at the inaccessible hide class). Topper has one of his “thinking” moments at about :31. I asked Amy about these when I saw her this summer at a workshop I audited and she said some dogs need this, don’t interrupt. It’s like he’s sorting things out in his head and after he’s done he goes on and seems to know where to go. I’ve noticed he’ll do this in outdoor and vehicle searches.

    I think at 1:18 he decides it’s the pole. I went in and rewarded when he pulls off the pole and looks at me, hope that’s OK. I did let him go back to the pole and he went straight up.

    High arms, ugh, I did this in both searches, I have no idea why! And I can see it draws his attention back on me. I just need to shorten up on the leash and keep my arms low. 🙁

    The second outdoor high hide was at about 10:45, again about 6 feet high and cooked for an hour. This was outside our club building where he’d just been for a massage. Maybe that’s why he was so relaxed. 😉

    This search proved to be harder, I think the environmental setup was more difficult. For one thing, dogs pee in the grass and on the poles outside the club building. There is the change in surface (grass/pavement) and then the drain thrown in which could pull the odor. I was very happy that he stayed on task and didn’t pay attention to other dog smells. He caught the scent on the anchor guy wire several times, it must have been drifting over and down? Thinking at 1:30 I missed the opportunity when I should have rewarded.

    Hoping to work on the interior hide possibly in the building over the weekend, but trying to figure out how to get something higher than we did before and since it’s a big space, he’s sure to notice a table in the middle of the ring with chairs or something on it. Would it help to set up several tables with high things on top? If I do 2 hides in the building, should it still be on something he can get around, or could it be on one of the nearby wall panels?

    Looking forward to your comments.