Gina Baker

    NW201.3 “It’s up there somewhere”

    Here we are in the dark dingy basement…..I decided to let her work off leash so there are times that she is not in view (I also forgot to use the wide angle) but did not want to edit it – her time was still under 3:00. There is a fan in the far right but it was turned off before I put the hide out. I took the suggestion from the previous lesson and did step in a couple times to redirect her. Unfortunately you are unable to see the second time I moved a little towards the camera and then step back over when she got close to the pole. And yes …..the yes word came out! It was a little more drawn out than usually but it came out. I tried to reward as soon as I saw her look up then glance at me. I wasn’t sure how to reward, if I should have made her stretch or not…she turned her head when I held the treat up so I ended up bringing the treat and odor down.
    If I get a chance tonight, I think I am going to try the same hide with the fan on.