Deb (De) Frost

    OK, I hope it’s OK to go ahead and post Lesson 3, part B, in spite of messing up on part A. 🙂 I already had this videoed, so here it is. I PROMISE, I didn’t drop the leash even once, even though I am still holding the camera. (All 3 videos were taken the same day – I’ll try to set up new ones – or at least the triangle one where Bax was pretty much working with no guidance at all <blush>), but these are done.)

    Anyway, this is the Side by Side video … and I’m not sure I got it set up exactly right, but without printing out the instructions, I was going by memory at that point. 🙂

    As you may be able to tell; there was just a slight breeze moving all the odor from the silver truck and past the dark SUV and onward into the bushes. Bax starts out (in case you are wondering, checking out where the odor HAD BEEN at the running board of the truck, but quickly decided it was no longer there. I had started the search upwind of the vehicles and left it to Baxter to get himself downwind and then work back to the hides. Should I have started him downwind? I’m not sure which would have been the more challenging.

    I did my best to stay out of Baxter’s way, mostly stayed behind him and keeping the leash out of his way as well, while still keeping light contact and making sure he stayed focused on the vehicles (within “Baxter limits”) – he seems to have a proclivity for looping out to follow odor – I’m OK with that as long as it brings him full circle and back to the hide(s). Not probably the quickest way, but it seems to work for him. Should I have brought him back sooner on that first jaunt to the bushes, do you think?

    Once he was clearly on odor, I just hung back and let him detail the two vehicles. He moved from one to the other without much of a problem, but did return to both of those hides once each before moving on and finding the last hide on the far side of the dark car.

    I’ll wait for comment before adding Lesson 3, part C. Once we get those done, if I’ve managed to re-do part A, I’ll go ahead and post it (IF we have Internet access down in Soldotna – and I have time! 🙂 Otherwise, it may have to wait until I get back home.