Deb (De) Frost

    Oh Donna …. that is a BIGGEE for Baxter, too. Smooth coat Dachshund, don’tcha know. <sigh> He dislikes rain with a passion. We have been trying to work through it, and he IS better about searching in the rain than he used to be. Sometimes it is just plain a matter of practice that does it. I hate practicing in the rain too, so have to really convince myself that Bax and I will BOTH benefit from it. 😉

    And doesn’t it just figure? This weekend – our 2nd NW3 trial – the forecast is for chilly RAIN both Friday and Saturday in Soldotna, AK. Arghh! I guess I should be happy it isn’t snowing. Oh gees, did I actually TYPE that? I’m doomed!!!! 🙁

    We’ll be packing Baxter’s woolly coat and raincoat as well as my own, to be sure.