Terry Wright and Kai

    Yeah like they say, hindsight is 20/20.
    And yes I’m thrilled that Taku was right about finding the hide, just wish I could have treated him for it.
    It was the end of a long afternoon of practices, all the hides and things were being picked up. Didn’t even think about putting the hide back and going to get Taku back out of the truck, etc. etc. Hindsight.

    Like I said, I’m not blaming anyone and I know that you can’t be everywhere at once…

    In the first search area with the three hides, he find one by himself, Linda then directed us to the other two. Tho I would have guessed the one in the drawer as Taku was kind of interested in that area, but did not alert until Linda had us go back.

    He found the one in the next room.
    Had trouble with the vehicles, the hide in the spare tire, he alerted in the rim on the left side at two of the holes. The hide was high in between the wheel and the siding of the horse trailer. I would have called alert. Then the problem on the other vehicle.

    He did wonderful in the exterior!!! Big Smile 🙂
    He did fair in the container search and I did better with the containers on the outer edges 🙂

    I did a couple of searches in the house with him today. One was a hide in a turned over clothes basket, he pawed at the right side, but low towards the floor, the hide was closer to the top. I did not reward him. If the judge had asked me *where* I would have point to the bottom/floorish area.

    Another was on a tall lamp stand. It was about 1/2 way up. When he finally looked up to it, I did award him as we are still working on high hides. I held the treat up to the odor and he stood on his back legs.. treated that way several times.

    Thanks for the input Deb and Kim!!

    Terry Wright