Deb (De) Frost

    It was a miss-communication for sure, but REALLY … CELEBRATE that Taku DID take you right to the correct spot and alerted! How often, in vehicles especially, has he not seemed interested at all? 😉

    For the record though (having a lousy memory myself, I’m not surprised she forgot); NW3 dog Roki (Icelandic) did find the hide at the top rear of the wheel well (a good NW3 inaccessible – I THOUGHT! – hide), but in the process knocked it down – which gave US a good opportunity to talk about how far under a vehicle she should let her dog go in search of what MIGHT be, especially at NW3, inaccessible). The handler actually HELPED me find it and was right there when I said “No problem, I really didn’t want it back/up that far for the NW2 & NW1 dogs anyway”. I THOUGHT she was right there watching me place the hide in the front lower corner of the wheel well, just to the front of the tire and a good hide location for the less experienced dogs. I should have made more of a point of showing her the newly placed hide. 🙁

    I was concerned about possible lingering odor from the previous spot, so mentioned to Rene that if a dog alerted up there, to let the handler know they aren’t *totally* wrong and explain the moved hide. It seems that info went in one ear and out the other. It happens sometimes in a busy practice with a LOT of dogs (9 teams practicing) and six search areas, so we were basically doing a lot of leap-frogging, with someone who had already run that search assisting with those still to run – I couldn’t be everywhere … <sigh>.

    Terry, you and Taku did STELLAR on the searches yesterday. You found every single one of them (in the searches I saw anyway), and TAKU knows he got the one on the vehicle. He probably thought you were being a little silly to reward him up top, but in the end he DID get rewarded, so I’m pretty sure no harm was done. He went on to find, alert and be correctly rewarded on the rest of the searches, right? 🙂

    Had I known about it (no one mentioned it yesterday), I would have suggested taking Taku BACK to the vehicle, letting him find that one hide again, and rewarding him there at the right spot, just to confirm to him that yes, he had been right the first time. But no harm done. If you are going to practice any this week, maybe put a simple vehicle hide or two out (known by you – but no LEADING him!) and let him find and alert to them. That will, if nothing else, relieve your mind regarding the vehicle searches. 🙂

    Kim, any thoughts on mistakes like this?