Deb (De) Frost

    Hmm … if I have time tomorrow, I may just have to put a bunch of Abby’s stuffies in boxes and see what happens. I don’t need to DEAL with that issue just yet, since she is (currently, at least until next week <g>) only a NW1 dog. But that WILL change, if not at this trial, then the next one.

    Baxter, my more experienced dog, really barely seems to notice most toys (as distractors – he LOVES his own toys at home), although if it belonged to another dog, he will show some interest in the container. He is very food motivated though, so that is a concern. I AM still trying to see if I can find a specific “tell” when he is overjoyed at finding, and wanting to get into, a food distractor. He is not above alerting to it if he thinks it might POSSIBLY work.

    Mostly, what I see as a difference in behavior there is that a food distraction, if really good, might have him pawing and digging at it to get in – but he usually doesn’t bother to take the time to do his usual “It’s right here Mom! Feed me NOW!” look. He knows darn well I’m not going to reward him, so he may as well TRY to get the food himself and ignore me. Which, in itself, may save us if there is a really, really good food distractor … as long as I am thinking clearly enough to watch for that and not blurt out “Alert!” instead. 😉