Kimberly Buchanan

    Love that you put the post-its on the floor with previous hides. That’s a very good idea, so you don’t inadvertently put something on top of it. 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry so much about the luggage not being secure – I would have put those out myself in a search, dogs need to work thru the movement – but we have about twice as many containers as needed and only a few tall ones. I wouldn’t count the stool as a container. 😉 I realize my description of the lesson stated “any other tall items” which may have been confusing, sorry!

    What I’m looking for is 15-20 (if you have that many, if not just use less) tall containers. Tall for Baxter is relative but I’m thinking something like the big box, tall luggage that you’re showing. The steps I’m trying to illustrate are observing what happens when odor is all high. Where does it go? How does it move? I wanted to avoid low containers in this part because it is a draw for the dog and may/may not show odor but interest in the object. With just tall/high odors you see where the dog catches it on the adjacent walls or other tall containers. The dog learns to work the problem and understand that odor may be collecting on a surface but it’s coming from somewhere else.

    I know it’s too hard to re-do exercises sometimes but you might try it again sometime with just medium to tall containers to see how Baxter works the problem. In the meantime, I’ll go thru and give you feedback on this one and we can try to break down where Baxter is catching the odor. 🙂

    At (:28) we see Baxter heading to the left side of the room. I’m thinking he may be chasing odor. At (:35) he does a quick little turn-around at the end of the broom then banks off the tall piece of luggage towards the odor in the tall luggage which he then figures out! Yeah! 🙂

    Baxter then heads towards the big box (caught odor?) but then seems to get caught between the tall box and the step stool as he has a little “hitch” at (:51). He starts going up and checks the medium upright container behind the stool, heads to the right back bag then to the back wall. I think he’s working scent off the xpen/wall as he comes straight back to the big box. But it probably hadn’t cooked long enough to be emanating much from the seams yet.

    Baxter heads towards the left and I think he caught the odor on the stool from the red bag on the left (1:19) and he goes to the stool. You do a very nice job of reading him and stepping back as he started to change direction (1:14) which allowed him to continue working that one out.

    Baxter, being Baxter, decides he needs to get paid on the big luggage piece in the middle again which knocks over but he doesn’t care. From (1:47-1:56) Baxter is caught in a loop, trying to figure out where that 3rd odor is. You keep moving your position which I think helps him to sort it out. He knocks over the big box, doesn’t care, notices someone messing with his big luggage (best just to leave it) and then back to the big box, now on its side.

    SO – I’m dizzy! 😉 Overall, you both did a great job with this search and what was there!

    I’m curious to see the flat bag search!

    Kimberly Buchanan
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