Deb (De) Frost

    Baxter has been up and down when it comes to distractors recently. Argghh! I’ve discovered to my chagrin that it only takes a couple of MISTAKES (accidentally rewarding for a non-odor box or NOT rewarding for an odor box) to really set our training back, at least temporarily.

    I’ll be going back to basics for a few days and really working those simple box and container searches, with WELL-MARKED odor and well-marked distractors, to see if I can get us back on track. My own fault for not making sure it was set up that way to begin with. It’s not like Baxter can read. 🙁

    In the meantime; here is Lesson 2, part A: The High & Low of it. I know you are probably going to comment (and rightly <sigh>) on using more SECURE elevated hides. Thank goodness Baxter isn’t generally the type to be deterred by something getting knocked over – in fact, if that makes it easier for him to find source, he seems to be all for it. Ack. Still … 🙁 I didn’t even realize the one tall suitcase was ON WHEELS. Oh, and the hides weren’t cooked as long as you requested. We did set them out, then went outside and watched agility class for a short time, but the hides were only out about 15 minutes or so before the search.

    I also need to go back to using my camera rather than my cell phone for these videos. This one didn’t come out very well. Sorry.

    This video was taken last Saturday, mid-afternoon. It was about 68F and not much in the way of air currents. I don’t think we even had the overhead fans on. We HAD done several other searches (different type) before this one. The Post-its on the floor mark where there had been an odor box previously.