Deb (De) Frost

    Kim, no new access problems … but how badly do you want us to submit and get feedback on each section of each lesson’s search before we video the next session? This could be a bit of a problem for me, especially when it comes to containers. I really need a bigger area than my tiny barn training area (and more boxes), and I simply don’t have access (or time) to bring Baxter all the way to our training facility, set up a search with all the boxes (and luggage, etc.) several times, with a day or so in between each search.

    Would it be possible to video all 3 sections of Lesson 2 one after the other, or is it going to really be that much much more valuable for training/learning purposes to do one, wait for feedback, do the next, wait … ? I CAN see that it would be ideal, but any lee-way here?

    I’m really concerned I will be lucky to get one full lesson completed each week – maybe. 🙁 Or maybe not, depending on my work schedule. I don’t generally have Baxter there on my office work days – and there are scheduled lessons going on most every night. It’s going to be tight.

    I’ll give it a shot if that is what you want and what will make for the best learning experience for us – but we’ll probably end up with quite a few videos shot with the tripod in my little barn area.