Deb (De) Frost

    Yeah …. when Linda said we could use her garage for the search today, I didn’t realize she was talking about a SINGLE CAR garage. 🙂 Well, we work with what we have, eh?

    After you pointed it out, it was pretty obvious that the Anise from the open ended odor box really had to have been spilling out and pooling against those other boxes. How confusing is that? I’m glad he sorted it out, but I might try to avoid that particular issue in future.

    Baxter is certainly not wanting in enthusiasm for this, his favorite dog sport. 🙂 Did I mention we are now taking beginner Freestyle lessons? I’m hoping he doesn’t start throwing spins into the mix!

    OK, for what you are suggesting, it’s likely going to have to wait until Saturday. I think I can use our training facility that day if it doesn’t rain (if it rains, all the Saturday agility classes move indoors and I’m [very literally] left out in the rain!). Sounds like a challenge though!