Deb (De) Frost

    Bingo, Tina! I totally agree – whatEVER the distractor is, the key is for the dog to not only realize that he ISN’T going to get it anyway, and we have something SO MUCH BETTER to give them if they find the odor.

    Baxter never fails to surprise me when it comes to distractions. He was getting really good about ignoring them, then I [forgot <sigh>] to practice with them for a while … and suddenly he was going nuts over them. Sheesh. I think the biggest, most wonderful (to him, anyway) thing he found recently was garlic-toast with butter. Greasy and WONDERFUL.

    Also, summer sausage, which figures since I regularly use that as his reward. Might have been a tad confusing, eh? Good thing it was sealed tightly! Then again, I didn’t add the sausage distractor – one of my friends did. You never know what will be out there though, right? 🙁