NW5xx: Specialized K9NW Coaching

“Specialized K9NW Coaching” is an interactive 3-week or 6-week course where participants will upload videos and receive detailed critique and discussion for various search challenges. Each course may be based on Element or Level and will be offered based upon demand. It will be customized training to the individual teams and/or individual challenge.

Some optional courses:

  • NW501+: Troubleshooting
  • NW510M: Sourcing Skills
  • NW520M: Distractors
  • NW530M: Rewards & Timing
  • NW540M: Reading Your Dog
  • NW550M: Inaccessible Hides
  • NW560M: Converging and Pooling Odors
  • NW570M: Senior and Special Needs Dogs
  • NW580M: Search Area Strategies
  • NW590M: Leash Handling

You will need a video camera and tripod or a helper to video your searches. You will upload to YouTube and embed the video (1-3 minutes max.) into your personal thread. Please wait for comments before adding the next video. Assignments will be given with instruction.

There are no “hours” so you can participate at your leisure and time that suits you best.