NW301: Advanced K9NW Coaching

“Advanced K9NW Coaching” is an interactive 6-week course where participants will upload videos and receive detailed critique and discussion for various search challenges. Students must have obtained their NW2 title and are now working towards competing at the NW3 level.

We will take a look at the added challenges in an NW3 trial. For example:
* Are NW3 hides really different than NW2 hides?
* Even more search areas and added stamina are required
* How do you know when your dog is done searching?
* Can you read your dog in a clear room?
* Your dog suddenly loses motivation?
* You’ve lost trust in your dog?
* When do you need to go back to basics?

We call the NW3 trial the “Handlers” trial. Your dog has probably already acquired the skills but have you?

Gold Students will need a video camera and tripod or a helper to video your searches. You will upload to YouTube and copy the video SHARE link (1-3 minutes max.) into your personal thread. Please wait for comments before adding the next video. Lessons will be given with instruction.

There are no “hours” so you can participate at your leisure and time that suits you best.