NW103: Novice K9NW Coaching

“Novice K9NW Coaching” is an interactive 6-week course where participants will upload videos and receive detailed critique and discussion for various search challenges. Students must have successfully completed their Beginning K9NW class and/or are ready to a transition to odor. The general criteria is whether your dog is searching WELL for his/her primary reward in different search scenarios. Is your dog excited for the search? Will your dog continue to hunt after finding one hide?

Some of the things we will be discussing or looking at:
* When to stretch your dog and when to scale back
* Is your dog “in odor” or “at source?”
* Can you read what your dog is telling you?
* Patterns or no patterns?
* Pee zones and other critter distractors

You will need a video camera and tripod or a helper to video your searches. You will upload to YouTube and imbed the video (1-2 minutes max.) into your personal thread. Please wait for comments before adding the next video. Assignments will be given with instruction.