CE940: Instructor Cont. Ed. for NACSW Instructors

CE940: Instructor Continuing Education for NACSW Instructors
(Exclusive to CNWI, ANWI and PNWI – Prospective Instructors enrolled in the NACSW Education Course)


An NACSW authorized online education offering
w/Kimberly Buchanan, Joyride K9 Dog Training

The topic for this session will be
“Case Studies for NW2/3 & Advanced Problem Solving”

This course will run from Wednesday, September 11, 2019 through Tuesday, October 1, 2019 (3 weeks)

GOLD – Registration will be open from August 14-August 20
SILVER & BRONZE – Registration will be open from August 21-August 27 (First Draw Early Bird discount) and will continue at full price until the course begins on September 11.

You must first be a JK9/NACSW student!
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* Exclusive offering for NACSW Instructors
* Fellow Instructors will present videos of their students and classes/clinics/private lessons
* Discussion forums will be driven by Silver/Gold level students
* An NACSW Senior Faculty member will be your guide and facilitator
* Two different Forums to see and discuss how others are teaching their students
* A unique educational opportunity!
* Building a community of CNWI/ANWI/PI from around the globe
* A safe place to ask questions and share ideas
* A self-study program with guidance
* 12 months of learning during and after the course is complete!
* A way to earn CEU’s for your participation
NOTE: If you do not need CEU’s you are still WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to participate! We hope to share this educational opportunity as a companion to other training from NACSW!

* Step-by-step instruction of how things must be done
* Detailed instruction or presentation by NACSW Senior Faculty
* Scientific research or data presentation
* Testing of knowledge for re-certification

There will be 3 levels of participation in this course. Please be aware that your CEU’s earned will be based on completing these requirements for each level:

GOLD (6 participants max, 12 possible CEU’s) – $50 Admin fee only!
· Will prepare and submit Case Study for review and discussion – this will include 3 students with 3 video progressions each based on the current topic
· Will share class video submissions based on their Case Study (instruction will be provided)
· Will participate with one-on-one Q&A and discussions with the Course Instructor within their private CASE STUDY thread
· Will participate with the DISCUSSION forum about other Case Studies or general topics
(Must be “present” at least once during each week to verify attendance – NO QUIZZES OR FINAL EXAM)

SILVER (30 participants max, 7 possible CEU’s) – $125
· Will begin at least (1) new topic of discussion within the DISCUSSION forum about the Case Studies or other general K9 Nose Work(R) topics
· Will regularly participate with the DISCUSSION forum about Case Studies or other general topics
(Must be “present” at least once during each week to verify attendance – NO QUIZZES OR FINAL EXAM)

BRONZE (Unlimited participants, 5 possible CEU’s) – $90
· Auditor without active participation ~ For the ability to ask questions or participate in discussions about any of the videos or current discussions we recommend registering for the SILVER level
(“Attendance” – and your CEU’s – will be determined by a “FINAL EXAM” – ONLY to test that you know how to find the information in an “open book” format. Instructions about how to find this information will be provided) You must score 75% average overall to earn your CEU’s

Your actual earned CEU’s will be dependent upon your level of participation and the accuracy of your submission.

In order to have time to prepare the Case Studies, the GOLD students will register in advance for a random draw.

we’re taking (6) participants at GOLD

REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN FROM 9AM (Pacific Time) on 8/14/19 through 9AM (Pacific Time) on 8/20/19
(Notification of entry by 5pm PST on 8/21/19)

we’re taking (30) participants at SILVER
Unlimited Bronze

REGISTRATION WILL BE EXTENDED to 12pm (Pacific time) 8/27/19 for all first draw entrants*
(Notification of entry by 5pm PST on 8/28/19)

*NOTE: If you register Silver/Bronze during the initial registration windows we will give you a $10 discount off your entry fee!

Since there are unlimited Bronze spots we will take Bronze registrations until the course begins on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.


In order to register you will need to be signed up as an NACSW student member with Joyride K9. You can do that at any time here: [WD_Button id=13154]

If you are a current Joyride K9 online student member you will just ADD this status to your existing membership by indicating you already have an account.  If you are new you will simply create a new membership. Once you are registered we can then communicate with you as a group through this site as well as NACSW methods whether you are enrolled in this course or not.

If you have trouble with registration try (a) clearing your cache and trying again, (b) try a different browser and/or (c) log out of all devices and try one more time. If you still aren’t having success contact me at admin@joyridek9.education and I’ll do what I can to help.