NW590M.3: Challenging Odor/No Odor

NW590M.3: Challenging Odor/No Odor

In this next lesson we’ll explore what the difference is when there is no odor vs an odor that is a CHALLENGE for the dog. This will be a multi part lesson with a variety of elements and challenges, depending on what you decide to use.u00a0

Some challenges might be:

  • Inaccessible Hide
  • Elevated Hide
  • Converging Hides
  • A hide that causes a pooling odor problem
  • Weak odor
  • Big odor
  • Etc.

Choose something that you might have a difficult time deciding if it’s no odor or just hard for your dog. You can select whatever element or challenge you like but I suggest working each of them if you have the ability to do so since they all have a slightly different odor problem. It’s good for you to see the subtle differences. 🙂

For practical purposes, film the search w/o odor first, then add the challenge. Get creative! 🙂

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI