Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to sign up for a class but I can’t figure out how to do that!
A: You must first REGISTER as a Joyride K9 Student. After you register you will have access to the ENROLLMENT page which gives you the option of which course and which level you wish to sign up. It might take a few hours to approve your course registration to make sure you signed up for the correct course. After approval you will have access to any course materials or forums that are available so please familiarize yourself with the site. Look for an email with more detailed instruction. If you’re a GOLD member student you may add yourself to the GOLD MEMBER forum of the course. This will be your own thread.

Q: Why can’t I just sign up for a class without registering as a student first?
A: The process adds a step but it allows me to pre-qualify students and ensure they’re signing up for the correct level. It also gives you priority information about upcoming courses. Once you sign up as a JoyrideK9 Student, you have unlimited access to the Enrollment page. As we progress with the education offerings this may change but as I begin this venture it is a step more for me than for the students so I chose to do the registrations manually. Thanks for your patience!

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account, can’t I just pay you with a credit card?
A: PayPal processes all payments but you can choose methods of payment other than through a PayPal account. Unfortunately I have no other way to accept payments at this time.

Q: I don’t have a video camera, what can I do?
A: You could sign up with a Silver Level which gives you the option of asking questions through the Course Discussion Forums. It can be challenging to answer questions about specific issues without seeing the dog in action but it is an option.

Q: I train alone and don’t have anyone to film me. What can I do?
A: Invest in a tripod for your video camera for hands-free videotaping. You would need to be sure to keep your camera fixed on your search area. It’s best to zoom out slightly to see the whole search area but not too far to miss details.

Q: I don’t have a YouTube account. How can I share my videos?
A: Signing up for a YouTube account is free and relatively easy.

Q: I’m technically challenged! Help!
A: I’m starting a “HELP” forum to assist folks with technical challenges.
There are a few things to note; Keep your videos to the length requested in your course instructions (usually 1-3 minutes). You will upload them as UNLISTED so they don’t show up when people visit YouTube but course attendees have the ability to view them. Look for the SHARE option and copy the code. PASTE that code directly into a new post WITHIN YOUR OWN GOLD THREAD. Please DESCRIBE what it is we’re looking at and any questions so I can review with an understanding of what you want to know.

Q: When will you offer the other courses?
A: Course offerings will depend on demand. If you would like to participate with a particular course, please email me and let me know!  Send Email

Q: HELP! I have a question but it’s not on this list!
A: Ask away! It may be something others are interested in knowing, as well. Send me a message and I may add it to the FAQ’s.  Send Email