Denise Funk

    I have some thoughts regarding this search:

    1:16 to find a hide is painfully long. In a trial scenario, we would have left this hide behind. I think it would have been a better choice to hook the leash back on to help her, instead of wasting her energy?

    This hide was the only one inside a plastic vile container with a tiny hole and only one q-tip.

    I did not recognize a convergence problem even though we had a hide three feet apart under the other desk in the front. Annie had been using the round table and chairs to triangulate this hide, along with hide #1.

    Also, I noticed in the video that she spends considerable amount of time checking the students bags on the desks. Maybe she was like, “ok, I know there is a hide there, but I am curious about these items. I’ll get to the hide later…” So I am thinking I could have given her the search command again at this point for focus?