Kimberly Buchanan

    Do you think different containers made any difference for Annie? She worked well, always on task!

    To look thru the video, your guess of the first search was (:30) and the actual time was (:39). The second search you guessed (:45) and the actual time was (1:11). Nothing out of the ordinary, it took her a very reasonable amount of time to find all 4 hides and with a respectable time.

    The third video, with 5 hides was interesting. Your guess was 2 minutes and the actual was (2:11). Annie found the first 4 hides in 45 seconds and in fact found the NEW hide in (:42) seconds, shortly after finding the hide in the back. It took her (1:16) to locate the last hide, which was a hide she’d already found. Do you think it was the air currents shifting the odor around or was it because there was more odor in the space? She did not always need to revisit previously found hides before locating the new hide except the “given” threshold hide.

    We see Annie getting that threshold hide immediately upon entering the space in each search. This was your second hide so she had the opportunity to repeat that multiple times. We’ll see if it makes her think “threshold” in the next search. 🙂

    Unless you have other thoughts, feel free to post Part D of this exercise! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training