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Carolyn Murray

I made a point to get over to the barn yesterday afternoon with the dogs. The hot box had been “cooking” since 8:30 am and was used in the continuing odor class. I set up the room around noon after classes and went home to do some work. Got back to the barn around 3:30 or 4 pm. Upon returning to the barn, I turned on only one overhead blower.

Part of my training yesterday was to “be ready” when walking into the arena, as opposed to making the dog wait in a room full of odor while I adjusted things, got treats, etc. I got the dogs out of the car – pee, sniff, pee – and back into the car for each search.

One hotbox – Birch
Exterior temps between 20-25 degrees – maybe 30 to 35 inside?
Used a variety of items – some were not “traditional” containers.
For search 1 & 2 I made a point of varying the start line.
For search #3 the hotbox was moved. As an aside, if you ever wanted to see how much lingering odor is left behind when the hot box is moved, this search is a great example.

I think Cooper did a nice job. We still have plenty of things to work on, but the improvement since last January is incredibly significant. He did a nice job working through lingering odor in Search #3 and staying on task until he got the job done.

Most importantly, we had a lot of FUN yesterday! 🙂