Denise Funk

    Sue, yes, 6 ft and 10 ft.

    Annie moves very fast. The short leash allows me to present the search area better to her, control our start (and avoid the “sling shot” type start where we blow all threshold hides) and, I dont end up with the leash unnecessarily bunched up in my hand most of the search. I need to pay attention not to crowd her.

    I can keep up with her in large Exteriors or Interiors with the long leash as she is also strong. Large areas may not need so much navigation on our part as a small crowded area would. The 10 ft leash, shortened, is still good for us to cover corners, revisit areas, etc…

    When I trial I always wear 511 pants/shorts that have a nice deep pocket in back (the vest doesn’t work for me): I carry the long leash there to searches with no walk-through.