Kimberly Buchanan

Interesting search! Fun to see Ping’s enthusiasm! 🙂

Ok, these are the calculations for each of the searches:

1) (:16) to find the first hide. (Your guess was :20 seconds) Very fast finding the single hide. Interestingly enough, she goes TO the areas where subsequent hides will be! (See my notes later about this.)
2) (1:35) to find the second hide. (Your guess was 1 min.) She ranged out a LOT on this search and had to be called back into the area a couple of times. That burned up a lot of time and maybe was not mentally considered in your estimate? Easy to lose track of time when this happens.
3) (:26) to find the third hide. (Your guess was :30 seconds – good guess!) The time was started mid-search but we see her bouncing around a bit in the living area and then she lands at the threshold hide again. She then almost seems to work to hide #3 from that threshold. 🙂
4) (:15) to find the 4th hide. (Your guess was :30 seconds) The video begins with Ping racing into the search TOWARDS the hide but it seems she was not quite engaged in the search and she turns around to look at you before searching again. Note: In Search #3 you gave her a moment at the threshold. In this search it seems you didn’t take as much time. ? We still see Ping solve the problem rather swiftly.
5) (:19) to find the 5th hide. (Your guess was :40 seconds) Wow! This was a very cool one to watch! Ping immediately went to the threshold hide (#4) and was paid. She then went to the other threshold hide and was paid. She then, very quickly found the 5th hide! Wow! Three hides in (:19). YES, 2 of those hides were previously found but it’s still very nice.

What does this show us?

As mentioned, when Ping gets off-track and ranges out a bit in a non-productive area, it seems it throws your timing off. This is important to note! It also seems when Ping goes directly to hides you over estimate the time. This is not unusual to have a mental conflict of time when these things happen (I have the same issue!). But it’s something you’ll want to work on since it will give you skills to better gauge how much time to let Ping try to solve problems that may be complicated for her vs trying to cover your search area. Just like we often say, when the dog spends 10-20 seconds trying to source a hide but is unable to do so, it is up to you to direct your dog in another area since it may be a pooling odor problem and the hide is nearby. Knowing when that time has elapsed is hugely helpful!

Also, I’m curious if these hide locations were some that you’ve used before? The question stems from Ping’s initial search where she checks those locations. (Just curious!) We all have a certain way of setting hides and we tend to do the same kinds of hides. It’s helpful to think outside the box and choose hides that someone else might set if you don’t have someone else to train with. 🙂

I also found it interesting that Ping didn’t try to go back to previous hides until there were 3 hides in the search and then she went back to 2 previous hides when there were 5 hides. Absolutely nothing wrong with this. But I’m curious if she will do this when there is a new search with 5 hides. 🙂

Any additional thoughts from you?

Kimberly Buchanan
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