Janel Hendricks

    Here is the video of Ping working the first exercise. I guessed the times for the searches to be in order: 20 sec. 1 minute. 30 sec. 30 sec. 40 sec. Which I think was pretty close since the total video time was just under 3 minutes. Hide 1 is on the door handle, #2 is a threshold on the baseboard, #3 is on the leg of the chair toward the top, #4 is between the stitching horse and the wall on the floor, #5 is on the chair. I did pair each new hide when I added it but not the ones that were still in location. I hope that is okay, I still pair fairly regularly. The only one not paired was the chair . I also paired since i was filming, I knew i would be late with reward. She regularly blows through doors and over start lines, so thresholds are not our strong point. I know this about her and if she is on leash I will pay it out slowly, off leash I just make a point to get back to the start area. Oh and I think the third video I started recording a bit late but she had not found any hides yet, I was only a few seconds slow to start the recording.