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Terry Wright and Kai

    Here is our second video.
    Wish I had seen Deb’s comments before doing this setup. Not sure why I’m not getting notification of the things posted. I just happened to be ready to post this video and say Deb’s response. Thanks Deb, I will watch the video again with your comments in mind.

    Taku is on leash again in this video and with the small space I could have done it off leash. Why do I think I need to be leashed to him? LOL In the following videos I do I will do them off leash 🙂

    I put three videos together again since it came out to be just over 3 minutes. Not really happy with what I setup, as I kind of forgot the *DISTANCE* part of the lesson and it ended up being just containers, moving the odor. Anyway, it was a practice, it got Taku and I doing something for NW… sigh.

    This video is just for laughs… we could have won a first place ribbon for this search of 3 hides 🙂 LOL

    Terry Wright