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Deb (De) Frost

    Hey Terry! It’s been a busy week!
    Two thoughts …
    1. Is there a reason you had Taku on leash for these searches?
    2. I could be wrong, but it felt like on the 3rd search, Taku was more following an expanding line (..x…………….x) of odor with a couple “hot spots” rather than two distinctly separate hides ( . X. . . X.) the way he was in search one.
    I got the feeling that Taku found search one a little easier in that there was little to no converging odor – one box, odor or no odor. Black or white.
    Search 2; a little more converging odor, less absolute certainty. Some odor was likely noticeable on the boxes on either side of the source box (plus maybe a little lingering odor), but he found source quickly. ?

    Search 3; Taku did fine – no problem, but it did seem to me that he had to pay more attention to the ROW of boxes – detailing and narrowing down source along a long line of odor more so than individual boxes, which could explain why Taku felt he needed to check and rule out the drain. I’m pretty sure some odor was pooling in that drain, but no source, so GOOD JOB! ?