Kimberly Buchanan

At first I thought you had the wrong video and then I realized, no, you did mean “high” hides. IMO this is still low hides. 😉

Regardless, good info to look at…

Taku does spend a bit of time at the freezer but I wonder if it’s because there is a motor there that draws odor?

He also works odor off the opposite wall. Really good info for you to keep in mind: When the dog is working one side of an area, MAYBE the hide is on the opposite side! 😉

Taku does a very good job of not going back to previous hides!

COOL change of behavior at (1:42)!

It is possible Taku was going to lingering odor on the garage door but more likely it was a combination of being where it had been previously and the fact that it is an OBJECT on the wall. Not atypical for dogs to focus on objects.

I do think you were able to influence him somewhat to check the corner area simply by your body movement. And yes, I’d have paid him at his first indication on the vaccuum. 🙂

I thought he did a good job!

Kimberly Buchanan
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