Gina Baker

NW2 East Stroudsburg, PA Nov. 13th Containers

This to me is Kalli’s typical search at trial. This was our first search – Containers – 2 hides. She seems to have to take an inventory of the room first before she commits – I found it very interesting that she committed to the paint can in the corner first. And typical that she goes back to the first hide but then continues with a little encouragement. Again typical – distraction at 0:39 – hears a sounds but gets back to work and then commits. I was not as sure on this one because of how she approached at the start – thought maybe it was a “distractor “ but did trust her – the paw. Of course cannot always depend on that.
Especially at trials when there is more than 1 hide she stops and looks – sometimes I wonder if she does that to reset herself – instead of a shake off.

Thanks! Even though there was some technical issue – we got our three videos in! Looking forward to Jan.

Happy Holidays!