Gina Baker

NW2 East Stroudsburg, PA Nov.13 Vehicles

Thank you! That means a lot to me. I thought it was a really good search for Kalli and I. Typical comment from the judge, nothing outstanding – just to keep that thought
I am a little afraid to post this one – go from a great search to the worst ever! I get so mad at myself every time I watch this –

This is the vehicle search and as I said, the worst. It was our second search of the day and you can tell right of the bat, I was very anxious about the grass! In hindsight I wish I would have put my foot over what she was sniffing at the start line instead of pulling her off – I dragged her to the vehicle. Then again at 0:46 I pulled her back to the vehicle. You don’t see my head turn but around 0:55 – my eyes went over to the judge and he was not moving – so I finally calm down for a second and decided the hide had to be in his sight close to where we were – Is that called cheating?

Very very poor handling on my part – but Kalli was a trooper and got the job done!

The thing I found interesting is when I leaving the judge said – “nice job” – are you kidding me!