Kimberly Buchanan

    Fun to see Molly in this video! As an instructor, I’ve had it happen several times where the dogs notice my kit that I’ve temporarily *forgotten* that it was adjacent to a search area. Good girl, Molly! 😉

    Interesting ladder hide. Was the expectation that she would source it? She starts working the hide and then looks at you at (1:14) so you go closer. Then it looks like she sources it? That was nice!

    Something interesting – neither right/wrong – you pay her many times for that hide. She doesn’t appear to be offering anything for those rewards, so I’m assuming you just habitually paid her a lot at each hide. (I would take that opportunity – if you can – to reinforce her decision as to where that hide was.) The second interesting thing is that you ask Molly to “Find more” and then you pay her again. So the words don’t reflect your desire or your actions. (Except in a mild way of drawing her off the hide??)

    Next hide you pay lots for a single hide, w/o any additional reinforcement from her that she tells you (again) about the hide. (And your instructor mentions how hard it is to pay faster than the paw! Hehe! We’ve talked about that before. 😉 )

    Actually, this is a pretty good search! 🙂 (I’m assuming this was a blind search?) What are the things you see that you want to work on?

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training