Kimberly Buchanan

Aw, poor Taku! It is one of those things where you have to go back and re-explain to the helpful hide-setter what type of hide to place and what would be a good call!

YES, Taku should have been paid at any of the times that he told you where it was. With that much odor blowing around none of his communication was “wrong.” What might have “helped” (in retrospect, of course!) would be to pair the hide. Even tho’ in the real world Taku WAS correct, I am thinking if there was a paired hide there he *may* have tried harder to actually get to source.

This would be a very hard hide to judge so it is unlikely you’d see something like this in trial. BUT, never say never. If you trust your dog (and you should 😉 ) he will tell you that it is there.

Good job, Taku! 😀

Kimberly Buchanan
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