Linda Bath

I chose this site as I knew 1. There would be a lot of traffic (by road) 2. There may be a lot of dogs that had been through and used it as a bathroom. 3. I thought that would be a challenge for Molly. I did not expect her to refuse to search.
Six hides. One on the bush to the left on the start line. Next: Across and back on the wall to the right of start line.
third forward on ground near another bush. (Was some garbage in the vicinity.) Fourth on pole to the back. Fifth on coconut tree. 6th along wall at the back of the search area.
Molly comes into the search area rather slowly, but is searching. She did not catch first three hides. Puts her nose on the hide on the pole (should have paired!) then past all hides to some crittering. I pair the pole hide and one along side the wall. Alert, Alert. Puts nose on hide on tree trunk, no alert, just moves on. Over to wall. Alert. Leaves area. Back to bush then back to the coconut tree an alerts. Then refuses to continue to search. Leaves area. Catches odor on bush at threshold alerts (I take it a little farther out). Doesn’t want to search where the bush is. I pair it (should have from the start) and lure her to the hide.
What did I learn.
All the hides should have been paired.
What else can I do when Molly shuts down?
I never saw any actual dog poo but that is how she normally acts in an area that has had a lot of dogs through. The traffic was worse than I thought it would be at that time of day 9am.
Your thoughts?