Linda Bath

    Never thought of Missy the cat as being a distraction. LOL. She is always wanting to be in the middle of things.
    I also never thought of blocking that part of the living room from her, but did call her back in to the search area which you didn’t hear due to the blocked audio.
    I will do this one exercize again on my own time.
    The exterior hardscape area I did in a large patio yard. It does have some plants, but tried to stay mostly around the cement. I really thought the fireplace area would be an interesting search. Ten in the morning. Going to be a very hot day.
    I also forgot my leash!!! Had to use a huge rope, which worked but was a bit heavy and awkward.
    The first hide was on at the threshold on the wheelbarrow. Wind gently blowing towards us. Molly had it at the start line. She then moved to the next find on the wooden crate. Here she is hoping to stay and get a lot of treats, but moves on with urging. Third hide is found outside the fireplace. Fourth up the wall on the bricks.
    Fifth hide she found was on the little brick wall. I did pull her back instead of letting her move towards what she was interested in. Which may have been the sixth hide on a piece of metal off of the wooden crate.
    Molly stayed on task. Never pawed. Wasn’t too distracted from the huge leash. Not sensitive and isn’t bothered by any animal smells. There was a dog poo near the front of the start line (I did not notice until into the search) and Molly wasn’t bothered by it. Usually she won’t go anywhere near other poo and tip toes.
    No Pawing.
    Your thoughts?