Kimberly Buchanan

Good job Taku!

Ok, first hide I *might* have waited for him to get to source but reality is that the odor is channeling along the drawer and cabinet doors. NICE work on the second hide!

Note: after the third hide Taku took his focus OFF of searching to look at you and bypassed the hide on the file cabinet.

For the 4th hide on the file cabinet, keep in mind the whole drawer is filling with odor. ANYTHING around that drawer would be good. I’d have taken Taku’s first response at (1:31). (Trust your dog! 😉 )

I would agree that Taku is using hides to work out the other odors in the area. He tends to look at you a lot so you just need to do what you can to keep him going. It will be hard with an unknown number if you ask him to keep working but there aren’t any more. Something for a future class!

One thing you can work on now, tho’, is to take up the slack in your leash. Too easy for Taku to get caught up with leash under him. Personally I find the best way to deal with that is to draw it in as you go in to reward. I’ve worked with Sue on this in the past (as I’m sure her other instructors have) and it’s very smooth.

Good work with a lot of hides in a small space! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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