Stefanie Alexander

They are the breakfast nook chairs. Thanks! We wanted something artsy and they fit the bill. 🙂

Loved the maze exercise as Prim was really engaged. It is so nice to see. Don’t know if I mentioned, but within two weeks of moving into the new house, we were asked to be prepared to evacuate as a human-set wildfire was burning out of control on the mountain ridge within 2 miles of our abode. I believe Prim must have experienced a fire prior to us adopting her from the shelter as she was the most fearful I’ve ever seen her. In fact, in anticipation of being asked to leave mandatorily, we did board her at her usual doggy daycare until things settled down and the smoke literally cleared. [The hot shot crew from CA along with local fire fighters and emergency responders were fantastic; I can’t express my sincere gratitude for what they did and the level of professionalism they showed. Thank goodness there were no casualties or houses destroyed; the wind direction changed and burned old growth instead.] Sooo, long story short, we had the move, my sister’s out-of-state visit, the fire, and Prim’s surgery (growth removed from her mouth)–all within 2 weeks time. I can’t tell you how absolutely reassuring it is to have our hound safe, sound, healthy, and eager to work. It makes all of the difference. 🙂