Terry Wright and Kai

EDIT: SHEESH… I did this on leash, when it says in caps… OFF LEASH! Kim, I can redo this lesson if you feel I need to.


6 hides – 3 birch / 3 anise, cooked 5-10 minutes. Did not pair. (maybe should have?)

All hides are down the left side of garage. When I set-up these hides I was thinking… no problem he will go down the line and get them all in a row… oops wrong!

Taku blows by the first 2 hides, but goes back to #2 (drawer) and alerts at .16 on the little metal turn lock which is about 6 inches or so above the open drawer. The hide is at the left top corner of the drawer which is open a crack. So my assumption is the odor is traveling along the top the drawer and catching on the lock. He had been at the hide corner but alerted at the lock, was it because he saw the lock and went awha that must be the hide?? He had that cute *look* back at me. I did pay at the corner where the source was located. If the judge had asked *where*, I would have had to motion to the lock and would have received a NO.

.26 seconds he finds the #1 hide (Freezer, right bottom side), I reward before any communication, he was staying at odor.

.44 seconds finds the 3rd hide (under bottom shelve), communicates to me with his *look*.

He walks away from that side passing the 4th hide (file cabinet) at .56 seconds to look at his Dad, goes back towards the hide area.

1.04 to hide #5 (under lip of top right side), I move in to reward just as he was starting to turn to give me the *look*. Kind of looks around like is that it?

At 1:29 he is at the cabinet drawer (hide #4), gives me the *look*, looking back I should have taken it, as odor is coming out all along that open drawer. I wait, he goes back to the cabinet, gives me the *look* again from the right side and I could have take it at that point. I step forward he goes to the cabinet and finds it at 1:40 I reward before the “look”.

We do a little dance until I get out of his way. At 2:14 he is on it, hide #6 (top left corner in generator). He starts to give the *look* to his left, I come in on his right to reward.

* Does the dog drive for each odor from the last?
Looking back at the video, I’m thinking from #2 to #1, not sure… from #1 to #3?, from #5 back to #4, maybe #5 to #6??

* Does the dog communicate WHEN THEY ARE AT SOURCE (not fringing)?
I’m thinking 2 times with the *look*, 2 times with a tie of me going in & him starting the *look* & 2 me going in before the *look 🙂

* Does the dog go back to a previous hide before finding all hides with an expectation of getting paid or to navigate to the next odor?
I didn’t get the impression that he was going back to any hide to be re-rewarded, except the one on the frig., he went back and pawed it after I’d already paid. Most of them I think he was navigating from one hide to the next one on several of the hides.

* How do you, as the handler, keep the dog searching until they find all hides?
Moving and arm swishing.

* Any other complications that arise unexpectedly.
I didn’t notice anything… did you see anything?


Terry Wright