First of all, you are a brave woman walking along the edge of the pool with your back to the water! I was waiting for the splash! LOL!

I love the searches along this wall. It SO shows how odor moves up and over. (Something for Linda to take note of from one of Molly’s previous searches!) In this location, Biscuit knows how to work it and she does a nice job. Wasn’t Biscuit also the one who jumped up on the wall in the trial recently, to work the hide from above? 😉 It does seem, however, that she doesn’t want to walk across the place where you have the DogWalk panel (?) on top of the wall so she avoids walking further.

Good job, little Biscuit, for working out the problems with all the distractions. 🙂

Did you notice that she didn’t wag her tail like she does when she’s expecting to be paid? It seems because these hides were paired and she could self-reward she didn’t exhibit that same anticipation wag. Interesting to note!

(BTW, GLAD to hear that the previous anxiety about taking a reward around the mirrored room didn’t continue to the next search!)

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training