Susanne Howarth

Thanks Kathryn. Good suggestions indeed! The one idea that I don’t think will work is the spatula with gooey treats on it. I suspect that she’d see me coming at her with a stick and be afraid — not because she’s ever had me come at her with a stick!!! — but just because she wouldn’t understand what I was doing.

See also my comments in my private lesson thread, because I think there were several other things going on with this lesson, probably the biggest being that I was trying to get in to reward as fast as possible from across the room, and that created a bunch of unique scary things related to this particular lesson.

And Kim: your mention of that mirrored wall is fascinating! Effectively, not only was I running at her, I was doing so from two directions! As I said, this was a new location for her, so she had never before seen that mirrored wall. I’ll bet that played into things as well.

We’ll see how well I can do in lesson 4 on rewarding quickly, without terrorizing my poor tiny girl!