Kimberly Buchanan

Hi Sue – The course runs through the 20th (this coming Sunday), so one week less than you mention. I wanted to finish BEFORE the holiday. You will, of course, have access to the lessons, the posted videos and feedback and classroom discussions for 12 months. In order to “keep up” with the rest of the class, I’m ok if you want to mark lessons complete in order to move forward to another lesson. In this course everyone is at different sections of the lessons. I am adding more for those who are able to get to them, but I do NOT expect everyone to complete all of them in time to share videos but I DO hope you use them for your own personal training!

In the past I’ve given the option of posting a video, adding a spacer post and then posting another video. I really would prefer to not do that for this course. It doesn’t allow for a progression or discussion about something that happens within the lessons without jumping around and referring to something posted long ago if there is any follow-up. Very hard to follow and not fun for me. I’ve changed the video postings for each lesson a bit by having you merge some/all the parts of a lesson into a single video to try and help the process go a bit smoother. And also because there may not be a lot to mention with these fairly simple searches. BUT, I don’t want to negate that back-and-forth dialogue that can be helpful in setting a direction or changes in upcoming searches you may not have completed yet.

I will do my best to keep on top of the videos when they’re posted and respond in a timely manner so additional videos can be posted. You always have the option of the Classroom forum discussion, tho’, if you’re on the road and/or not able to get to that part. Discussion is encouraged if it will help each of you to approach upcoming lessons before you get to them or to work within your time constraints when you just don’t have time to post the videos.

Kimberly Buchanan
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