Susanne Howarth

As per usual, I have demonstrated my inability to follow lesson instructions precisely: we did a total of four vehicle searches, of which only 1 was truly a bumper. 🙁 Listed in the order in which we searched:

– Forward edge of the right front wheel well,
– Inside the gas cap on the side of the car,
– Inside the trailer hitch, and
– Sitting on the corner of the left rear bumper.

Our start line was at the front of the car, and the wind was blowing towards the start line. Since we did all four searches within a span of less than 30 minutes, Biscuit naturally checked each prior hide location before continuing on to find the new spot – but it was only a relatively brief stop at the lingering odor. And yes, I realized when I came in from doing the searches that I had once again overlooked part of the directions: “These should be easily accessible for the dog.” (For someone who lobbied to get you to do this Back to Basics class, I sure seem to be rebelling against basic searches, aren’t I?)

Anyhow, of these four searches, I found the gas cap search and the final bumper search to be the most interesting, because Biscuit clearly knew those hides were above her head and moved along, periodically standing on her hind legs to sniff further up. She hasn’t often done the “walk along the counter on her hind legs” kind of search, so I liked seeing her ingenuity in doing so on these two searches.

For the gas cap hide, she actually alerted on the corner (maybe she read the lesson better than I did 🙂 ) and I held out a tiny bit to see if she would pinpoint it closer to the actual gas cap, but when she continued to say it was the light, I went ahead and rewarded her from source. I figure that with the hide inside the gas cap, it could easily have been moving towards the light and emanating from there, and that since it was an inaccessible hide anyhow, she wasn’t necessarily wrong.

As for the other two hides, she pretty much rocked them! And BTW, the barking dog during Biscuit’s final search was Blackie, who was out in the side yard, complaining at our neighbors’ kids.

On to do our container corners and edges…