Gina Baker

Yes, I do agree – she looked and acted confused. The faking me out to get treats was more of frustration humor.
Good point about the boxes – I got those boxes from the Element trial Oct 1st – left over boxes that the host did not want to take back with her – I assume they were clean ones – they looked it. I have not stored them with any of my odor boxes but could have been close at the trial.
And she always seems to be so in tuned to my moods – I was feeling rushed. Had been out running a couple errands, with Kalli in the car and they tool a lot longer than I thought so by the time we got to the club – I was feeling really rush to search and get home. Just like that one video in the class before – outside with my mood etc… And she also seemed more concern inside than usually. I did try to not put cold box where odor was – I think that is why things were a bit more staggered.
The first video, she went way out then came back but you can see her speed up just a little to get to source. She did seem to do better on the language hides vs boxes. I had done another language hide but she was off leash – she did work that better than the boxes.
Was feeling good about our searches and now feel we took a couple steps back. I set out three boxes (my boxes) last night and had her search – odd, she tripped over the boxes and started searching the room – I actually pointed to the boxes to get her to search and she half heartily went to the odor box. I then pulled out the big guns – moved the boxes to a less clutter room and she went to the boxes – when she got to the odor box, I immediately opened it and bombarded her with liverwurst!
We did a couple more searches and she did much better. I am going to try and repeat a couple of the container corners and edges tomorrow evening.
We just did the Container Element trial in Oct and she was right one! Actually we were #6 in standing – that was huge for us!
I try not to think about it too much – but we are going to a trail this weekend! OH NO containers could get us!

Any other thoughts?