Stefanie Alexander

Prim: Source of the Problem

This was filmed this evening in the kitchen. I knew by Hide #2 that the treat I was using was too high interest. She returns to previous hides not to keep working necessarily, but in hopes of cashing in. This is particularly evident by the video’s end, where she is drooling more than usual.

Hide #1: Threshold which Prim gets quickly.
Hide #2: Prim works back to find the hide on the dishwasher. She goes back to this hide to get another treat as is indicative by the emphatic batting. I try to redirect.
Hide #3: Kitchen stool (2nd in the row). In hindsight, I think she is catching the countertop hide (#6) on the first stool. I probably pull her off too soon thinking she is moving to the 2nd stool. My bad.
Hide #4: Fridge. Watch her ear movement. She almost seems surprised that the hide is there. 🙂
Hide #5: Kitchen chair.
Hide #6: Edge of countertop. This one is difficult, I believe, due to its proximity to Hide #5 and the fact that the hot water baseboard which loops around the table is being used to heat this room–convergence. Note how Prim circles around and even jumps up on the wall near the mirror. It takes her some time to source, but she does do so just within the 3 minute timeframe.

What do you see?