Linda Bath

Kim I am going to move on due to time. I will repeat the lessons for our own experience and knowledge.
I have a lot of video for the corners/edges. They were filmed at different times, temperatures, and days.
The first one was filmed at ten in the morning. Not as hot-guessing around 80 degrees. It had lightly rained the night before. The wind was very gentle; blowing towards us. Had cooked the odor for about ten minutes. Molly followed down the wall and alerted. Was a small inside corner.
The next search is the day before. Around 11 am..hot, hot, hot, and humid. Odor cooked for about 15 minutes. Wind was blowing towards us, but I had set the kit with odor on the small wall while I set the searches up. None of the swabs or tins touched the wall. As you can see Molly gets side tracked with that odor residue. She manages to work through it and catches the actual odor around the corner and then goes back to the other wall and to odor. Alert. You can’t see in this video, but I practically pointed to it as I gestured her back to the wall.
The third search is the inside corner. Set on the same day as the first search. Around ten in the morning. 15 minute cook. Wind was blowing towards the odor and swirling inside the door area. My guess anyway. Molly checks outside the space, catches odor as she goes into the door area and alerts on the source.
The last search, outside corner, was done the same day as the second search. This was the third search of the day. Cooked about 20 minutes. Wind was blowing towards us, possible swirling action. Molly caught the odor on the door and then followed to source. Not sure if she didn’t visually see it.
I have another video of the outside edge/corner that was very interesting as well. It was filmed on the hot day. If you want I will post it after you see this one. Shows me not handling very well, but Molly works through it nicely.