Terry Wright and Kai

My neighbor videoed this lesson for me. Our neighbor that lives about 2 miles away 🙂

Taku and I drove there, I placed the hide then went to Post Office and back. The hide was there about 20 minutes.

This is the 3rd take! First one the leash got tangled in my feet. 2nd one he peed.
And I’m not crazy about this video.
In my mind this is what I thought would happen… he’d walk along the wall, right into the corner and alert.

Looking back on this video I can see a couple of things.
I was squeezing him to the wall. When looking for an inside corner I should have picked one that didn’t have anything else located in that area.

I realize what these lessons are for… to get our dogs to check out corners and not cut corners. We will practices these in the future. I’ve since seen some other buildings that I can practice at.

I’m going to mark this lesson done, so I can move on to see what else I can do.
BUT, if you wish for me to redo it again… I will 🙂

Terry Wright