Holly Hoover

Hunt #1 the Tundra. He tried to cross the start line and I held him back with the leash. He was confused and stared at me. When he refocused on the search area, I let the leash out just about a foot. He tried to turn toward the car and do a perimeter sweep. I held him in the area of the bicycles until he started using his nose. When I could see him catching odor over by the truck, I gave him more leash. He sniffed around the area ubtil he found it. ALmost identical process on motorcycle. On third hunt, the car, he was more settled at the start line. He wanted to blast past the hide and do the perimeter around the car, again, so I held him until he got a good whiff of the chicken. then he went straight to it.

I think that Pax is such a perfect example of why it is important to train using the K9NW method. I keep telling people that NW is not about the odor, it is about hunting skills. Can you imagine if I started him by huffing a coctail of target odors and insisted on a final responce behavior??????? OMG. He is used to running around randomly sniffing boxes. He was just beginning to get the idea that he could use his nose and save some time. Boys??? THe girlies seemed to always hunt smart….

Now, knowing this, what next?