Cheryl Winblad

We started with 3 Exterior threshold searches. Tried to keep them easy all low or medium height. Beautiful day, sunny and about 70 degrees with very little breeze.

1st search He was somewhat distracted and wanted to just go off crittering. I had to bring him back along fence and then Joey found it with some multi tasking.

2nd search- Hide was on the gate and with us starting on concrete Joey was all focused. Easy search.

3rd search-Hide is low on corner tucked in the rocks. I blew the start, I should never have started the search when he was still crittering. Joey went to within 2 inches of the hide and started eating grass, I walked him passed the hide and came back and he was able to find it. Guess good to include those videos where we do badly.

After watching the videos I think on search 1 and 3 I should have just brought Joey back to start and restarted the search. Rather than overly directing him.