Terry Wright and Kai

    Thanks Gina! Our neighbor just took Jim to the ER. Jim wanted me to stay home with Taku. I will update everyone when I hear something.

    True… there is always Movie Week 🙂 I love Movie Week!

    We do have a tripod that I’ve never used. I need to get it out and play with it, so that I am comfortable with it.

    I use youtube and have used the trim feature before 🙂

    I’ll see what happens today. I’m suppose to head to Anchorage tomorrow for several days, but I may need to cancel that depending on what is happening with Jim.

    Thanks a lot for your encouragement, it is very much appreciated as is Kim’s 🙂

    Edited: Sent you a friend request on FB.. at least I hope it was you 🙂

    Terry Wright